How do you know if an online casino is legit?

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Online casinos have been here since the 1990s; now, many people gamble on different online platforms every second. The ever-evolving technology and trusted casinos like IGT casino are one of the main reasons behind this growth. There are many trusted payment methods, casinos verification is more accessible, and there are authorities to solve complaints. So if you are planning to start online gambling, now is the best time.

However, make sure that the casino has a license to function in the country before starting the game.

Here is how you can ensure the legitimacy of a casino.

License for online casinos

Following are some of the authorities in the world that provide licenses for casinos.

  • UK Gambling Commission: This commission provides licenses to casinos that function in Great Britain. The UK license is one of the most reputed licenses as the authority has well-set rules. Their dynamic responsiveness to complaints and rapid action against casinos that break the rules make them the most trusted authority. They also have a robust website with all the information regarding the casinos registered in them.

  • Nevada Gaming Commission: It is the first gaming commission in the US to provide licenses for online casinos. Several casinos and poker sites have registration in this commission. And have gained the reputation of a trusted authority in the past years.

  • Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner: Gibraltar has become a safe zone for online casinos as their policies are easy to follow. Many online casinos, poker sites, slot games, and other gambling platforms function with Gibraltar licenses. Their rules are very effective, efficient and beneficial for both casinos and the players. The best part about them is that they have minimal restrictions on the players and take immediate action against complaints.

  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission: It is the agency that licenses casinos and gambling sites on the island of Alderney. They maintain a standard in their policies to ensure the proper functioning of the casinos. They take strict action against the casinos that do not follow the guidelines and help resolve players' complaints.

How to check the authenticity of the license?

You will find the name of the licensing authority on the bottom of the casino website's home page. Check the following aspects to find the legitimacy of the casino.

  • Is there a logo or name of the license issuing authority on the bottom?
  • Is the logo legit (backlinked to the authorities website)?
  • Look at the list of casinos affiliated with that authority to find if your casino is there.
  • Check for the complaint against the casino on that website.

Get Playing!

Gambling indeed involves risks; however, don't take risks while choosing the gambling platform. Ensure the casino has a license from a trusted commission, check its reviews online and take opinions from other players before starting the game. Once you are sure about the site, register, deposit, play and win!